Killer love! Mother strangled by climbing on father's chest… children exposed the killer mother

Killer love! Mother strangled by climbing on father's chest… children exposed the killer mother

In Uttar Pradesh's Ghaziabad district, a woman strangled her husband to death after stuffing a cloth into his mouth. At the same time, while disclosing this murder, the police said that the children exposed the conspiracy of the murder. Where taking advantage of being a female nurse, the woman took her husband's dead body to the same hospital where she was working as a nurse and told the doctors of her hospital that it was suicide. But following the protocol, the hospital informed the police. When the police conducted the post-mortem of the dead body, it came to light that there was strangulation. After the investigation that lasted for 3 days, the police arrested the deceased's wife and her boyfriend on Saturday and sent them to jail.

Actually, Mahesh Rana died under suspicious circumstances on the evening of 30 November in Shastrinagar SJ 50 of the Kavinagar police station area. Wife Kavita took her husband to Sarvodaya Hospital in a state of unconsciousness. Where the doctors declared him dead. Kavita tried to take the entire hospital staff into confidence that the husband had committed suicide. Following the protocol, the hospital made a memo and sent it to the Kavi Nagar police station. Police reached the hospital and sent the body for postmortem. The post-mortem report revealed that Mahesh was strangled to death.

Know what is the matter?
On the other hand, when the police interrogated Kavita's 13-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, it was found that on the night of 30 November, their father Mahesh Rana had come home drunk. After this, there was a fight between Mahesh and Kavita. During this, Kavita took her husband inside a room and locked the room from the inside.

On the other hand, after some time the children saw in the room that their mother Kavita was sitting on the chest of her husband Mahesh, strangling him. During that time, when the children later asked the mother, she told that she was extracting gutkha from Mahesh's mouth.

Wife made plans with her boyfriend
Police have taken Kavita's mobile into custody during the investigation. Where the police have received some WhatsApp chats and recordings from the mobile. This shows that Kavita has illegal relations with a person named Vinay Sharma.

Since Vinay is a resident of the village Kudi Kheda under the Badarpur police station area in Greater Noida. He looks after the insurance work at Sarvodaya Hospital, while Kavita is a staff nurse there. The love of both of them started at the hospital itself.

The accused lover was accused of conspiring
On the other hand, as soon as Mahesh Rana came to know about his wife's illegal relations, he opposed it with poetry, after which quarrels started between the two. Then what was Kavita-Vinay planning to get Mahesh out of the way? However, when Mahesh was murdered on the night of 30 November, Vinay was not present there. Only his wife Kavita strangled him.

That's why Vinay has been accused of conspiring to murder. Whoever is getting to know about the illegal relationship of the wife, is saying that Kavita has shamed the so-called sacred relationship of seven births, for which now her children will also have to face social punishment.