Why Mayawati’s Strategy May Need BJP, SP to Modify Their Approaches | Presented in the Lok Sabha Elections

Lucknow: The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which chose to run in the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha polls by itself, was seen as a minor participant, but Mayawati’s strategy has created a roadblock for the opposition SP and the governing BJP.

The BJP and SP have probably rethought their plans in response to Mayawati’s choice of candidate for the Lok Sabha elections, which aligns with the caste dynamics of the state.

In addition to creating a triangular race for all 80 seats, the caste equations in candidate selection have put the NDA or INDI bloc candidates up against the BSP nominees in some seats.

Notably, the BSP has selected a number of Rajput and Muslim candidates based on the caste makeup of certain seats, which has placed the BJP and SP on the defensive.

Mayawati even delivered a scathing speech at a public gathering, criticizing the BJP and SP for excluding some groups from the next elections. She said, “The Muslim community has been excluded from the ticket distribution process by the SP, and the BJP is neglecting the Rajputs.” Both villages have received tickets from the BSP.

She sent her nephew, BSP national coordinator Akash Anand, to lead a campaign from the mostly Dalit Nagina Lok Sabha constituency. In addition, he was requested to speak at public gatherings in other reserved seats, such as Agra and Bulandshahr, with the aim of winning over the Dalit population.

Eight Lok Sabha seats, including Nagina, were up for election in the first phase on April 19. Saharanpur, Kairana, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor, Moradabad, Rampur, and Pilibhit were the other seats.

In the Mainpuri seat, where the SP fielded former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav’s wife Dimple, the BSP pulled off another brilliant move. With the BSP fielding former lawmaker MLA Shiv Prasad Yadav to dilute SP’s Yadav votes, the seat that seemed to be an easy victory for the SP has suddenly become competitive.

Similar to this, the BSP has caused agitation by manipulating the caste system in the Jaunpur and Budaun seats, where the BJP and SP selected candidates hoping for an easy victory. Mayawati nominated Srikala Reddy, a Jaunpur resident and the spouse of gangster-politician Dhananjay Singh, to challenge SP national general secretary Shivpal Yadav’s son Aditya Yadav in the Budaun seat against BJP contender Kripa Shankar Singh and former MLA Muslim Khan.

Mayawati has incited the Rajput community’s hatred against the BJP and the Muslim community’s animosity of the SP.

“The SP has given ticket to a candidate belonging to Hindu community on the seat where majority of voters are Muslims, whereas the BJP denied tickets to Rajput community candidates in west UP,” the speaker said, addressing a public gathering in Moradabad. Candidates from both groups have received tickets from the BSP based on their control over the seats.

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