1500 Rupees for Grasping Trees? Experience Forest Bathing in Bengaluru at ‘Unbreathable’ Cost

For many of us looking for a respite from our busy lives, going to a garden for some fresh air and quiet time is a typical desire. But a new company that seeks to capitalize on this demand has surfaced in India’s Startup Capital and is creating quite a stir online. Tickets for a “Forest Bathing Experience” are being offered at a whopping Rs. 1500, according to a widely shared screenshot.

Shared by @AJayA on “X”For starters, the April 28 event is billed as a “forest bathing walk inside the Cubbon Park in Bangalore,” complete with heartfelt pursuits meant to ease tension and promote a diversity of viewpoints. However, a lot of people ask themselves online, “Can’t we do this ourselves for free?” Yes, in fact.

It didn’t stop there, however. There was just one seat available, indicating that it was sold out.

As a result, clever remarks began to appear, calling it the latest “scam” on the market. One pundit joked, “This happening right behind the high court is icing on the cake.” One person made the following joke: “Bangalore techies, who work five hours a week and are living better than ninety-five percent of Indians, are trying to buy their way into spirituality to feel better about themselves.”

Many couldn’t help but make light of the concept of “forest bathing” as the conversation went on, expressing bewilderment with comments like “Water problem in Bangalore seems serious.” Haha.

For others who are unaware and surprised, however, Forest Bathing—also known as shinrin-yoku in Japanese—is a recognized method for therapeutic relaxation in the natural world. It includes progressive sensory-engaging activities like deep breathing, quiet reflection under trees, and just taking in the natural world. These exercises might take anything from five to fifteen minutes to many days or even weeks.

Bengaluru was just beginning to adopt this Japanese fashion, but it seems that many residents are still not persuaded.

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