A Chandigarh guy discovers his grandfather’s lost Rs. 500 SBI investments; discover the unexpected amount of money he now receives

Tanmay Motiwala, a pediatric physician from Chandigarh, discovered a hidden gem among his grandfather’s assets.

He discovered share certificates his grandpa had purchased from the State Bank of India that had been forgotten while sorting through the family’s belongings.

The physician said that his grandpa had invested Rs 500 in SBI shares in 1994. But neither his grandpa sold the investment nor recalled making it.

Over the course of three decades, the original investment has expanded into a sizeable amount of Rs 3.75 lakh, providing him with 750x returns.

The doctor stated, “The power of holding equity,” in a post that was shared on X.

“In 1994, my grandparents invested 500 rupees to buy SBI shares.” It had slipped their minds. They didn’t even know whether they owned it or why they had bought it. While organizing my family’s belongings in one location, I came across a few of these certificates. (Had already sent for their conversion to Demat),” he said.

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