For the “75 Hard Fitness Challenge,” a woman was hospitalized after consuming too much water

The 75 Hard Challenge, the most recent online hit, has drawn attention from individuals all around the globe. With the help of numerous activities, this movement encourages individuals to set out on a 75-day journey to improve their health and wellbeing. But other people have found this hard task to be too much. Concerns have been raised after a recent incident involving Canadian participant Michelle Fairburn. Apparently, the lady was hospitalized. According to the New York Post, Michelle revealed her upsetting encounter in a TikTok video. She thought that drinking too much water was harming her health and called it “water poisoning.”

“An essential lesson to always listen to your body, I’m doing 75 hearts, and I’m drinking much too much water. I believe I’m on day 12 today, which means I’m drinking around a gallon of water every day. I’m sick and weak, and I have no idea what to do. I do not want to return to the first day. She is heard saying in her video, “I can’t drink another gallon of water today.

Michelle said that she had just gone to the doctor and that she was being rushed to the hospital. She said that she had been identified as having “severe sodium deficiency,” a disease that, according to her physicians, might possibly be deadly if not treated right away. She clarified that the goal of her therapy is to raise her sodium levels.

Michelle is adamant about completing the task despite this worrying circumstance. She is, however, adhering to her doctor’s instructions and lowering her daily water consumption to less than half a litre.

Michelle reportedly also said that, despite having significant symptoms, her bloodwork looked normal. She thinks that taking a lot of water too rapidly may have caused her difficulties. However, after a careful investigation, doctors were unable to pinpoint the precise reason of her ailment.

“I’m not sure. I had no idea what that was. They advised against consuming so much water, she continued.

The challenge, which was first introduced by YouTuber Andy Frisella, calls for daily water consumption of four gallons, a diet devoid of alcohol, two 45-minute exercises, 10 pages of reading, and daily progress images.


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