Groom shows up for the Uttar Pradesh Police Reserve Recruitment test wearing a baraat

After stopping his wedding procession in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh, the groom went to an exam center to take the Uttar Pradesh Police Reserve Recruitment test.

The groom showed up for the police examination wearing full wedding regalia, complete with henna on his hands and a turban on his head. He brought his baraat with him.

He drew the attention of everyone who saw him.

According to reports from All India Radio News, the groom was also greeted by police officers stationed at the test center.

He said that his job came before his marriage.

Following the test, the groom and the wedding procession exited the center. The cops wished him a happy marriage and a prosperous future as they sent him go.

Divergent viewpoints were echoed on social media after the event. The groom’s dedication to his academic endeavors was applauded by some, but it was criticized by others who called it a “show off” since he could have simply changed before the test.

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