The person who earns crores in the job does not have to work, being upset filed a case against the company!

The person who earns crores in the job does not have to work, being upset filed a case against the company!

There are many people in the world who want that they do not have to do much work in the office and they get money easily. But it just seems like a dream because whether you work in a private company or a government job, you have to work hard. But these days a person from Ireland (an Ireland man who does nothing in office) is in the great discussion because he does not do any work in the job, yet he earns crores of rupees.

According to the report of Audity Central News website, Dermot Alastair Mills, a resident of Ireland, is very upset because he earns crores of rupees on the job (Ireland men earn crore do nothing) but he does not have to do a single work, due to which Due to this, he is very upset and now in anger he has filed a case against the company.

The person only reads the newspaper and eats food on the job

Dermot is a financial manager at Irish Rail and in 2014, he complained about the company's financial affairs to higher authorities, after which he was stripped of his work, but not fired. Now, after coming to work, he only reads newspapers and eats food. Apart from all these things, he was not fired from the job and gets a salary every month. Speaking to the Ireland Work Place Relations Commission, Dermot said that he buys two newspapers daily and takes them to his cubicle. When opening the computer, they check the mail, but they hardly get any mail because now they are not given any information or message related to work, nor do they get any mail related to the internal affairs of the company. Then after reading the newspaper, they check the mail again and if they have to reply to any mail, they give it or if some work comes their way, they do that work.

Information was given to the administration about the shortcomings of the company

He told that earlier he had the responsibility for the capital budget of the company. He was also given a promotion in the year 2010. But he has forcibly put in another position in 2013 and after that, he was given 3 months of study leave. When he returned from leave, he noticed that

Some disturbance is going on in the company regarding the debtors' money. He informed the upper management of the company in March 2014. After this, he also informed the Transport Minister about this. Since then he was freed from all work and his budget was also cut.

the person who filed the case

He told that earlier he used to get Rs 68 crore annually but now he gets only Rs 3 crore. When the man's lawyer made him realize that he should be happy that he gets Rs 3 crore for doing nothing, he said that he is disappointed for not putting his skills to work. The person has filed a case against the company and the next hearing is next year.