This IT company just let its thirty thousand workers to work from home

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the idea of remote or work-from-home employment became more popular. Most enterprises, regardless of size—from startups to large conglomerates and beyond—allowed their workers to work from home. However, a number of large corporations eventually asked employees to begin working from their offices. Some businesses even encountered criticism for suddenly discontinuing remote operations, while others chose to go to hybrid mode instead of choosing an on-site solution.

Martin Migoya, the founder and CEO of Globant, an IT and software development business, has now embraced a flexible approach. The CEO has given permission for all 30,000 of its workers, who are dispersed across 33 countries, to go on working remotely if they so desire. Globant is now among the biggest IT firms in the world in terms of personnel and is still entirely remote. Migoya’s big endeavor has received a lot of praise.

“We have shown great flexibility, and we will do so going forward. Rather than merely being a place where you work, the workplace should be a place where people want to gather. It serves as the organization’s link building tool. Migoya said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Following the pandemic, According to Migoya, his first goal was to force every one of his workers back into the office. Nevertheless, he chose a more gentle approach and made the offices cozier and more accommodating. He said to Bloomberg, “We’ve been modifying our offices to attend to that new reality. We found that people come, they get together, and they use our offices in a different way.”

Additionally, Migoya has made a few changes to improve the workplace atmosphere. According to the story, the software giant redesigned its premises after the pandemic to better accommodate its workers’ evolving demands. More circular tables that seat several people have taken the place of individual desks, providing more lounge areas and workstations for private meetings.

The story went on to say that workers who chose to work from the main office in Buenos Aires had access to a gym, sports, a BBQ grill, and even a mechanical bull to ride.

Concerning Globant:

Martín Migoya, Néstor Nocetti, Martín Umaran, and Guibert Englebienne founded Globant in 2003. Its headquarters are presently located in Luxembourg, although it was started in Buenos Aires. It mostly provides services to US and UK customers.

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