This Woman Will Make Your Day With Her Aigiri Nandini Performance On Jal Tarang

There’s no denying that music has a particular place in our hearts, and some songs have endured the test of time and are handed down from generation to generation. Although modern music has its place, there is still appeal in old and unusual instruments. A lady was shown in a recent viral video performing a well-known Mahisasura Mardini song on a Jal Tarang. The musician’s skill just astounded the internet, which was flooded with compliments.

A lady can be heard playing the melody Aigiri Nandini on a makeshift Jal Tarang in the popular video, and the melodies are spot-on. The person who shared the video on Instagram said, “Jal tarang is one of the world’s oldest Indian musical instruments. In essence, Jal Tarang means water (jal), while tarang refers to water ripples or waves.It was first thought that this percussion instrument originated in the 17th century. The song Aigiri Nandini tells the story of Goddess Parvathi defeating the monster Mahishasur in her Durga avatar.

The video has had over 3.1 million views since it was posted, and many people have commented on it.

She was lauded by several enthralled users who said, “What a talent with tradition.” Another individual said, “I really had goosebumps while listening to this,” expressing how amazed they were by the performance.very amazing and fantastic.

“This is the kind of content I pay my internet bills for,” one user said, while another added, “Amazing, also I sang along that was truly heart touching.”

A person said, “The smile on her face while balancing perfect synchronization is worth a billion more effort..incredible ma’am,” expressing how easily the elderly lady executed the whole song.

Although there are many musical performances and interpretations on social media, not every viral video has had the same effect online. One user said, “Of all the renditions floating around on social media, this one has the most calming and rejuvenating energy.”

Even while the viral video had a profound effect on internet users, it also brought attention to the need of preserving classical music while embracing contemporary trends. “Indian classical music or dance should be in our children’s curriculum as part of our heritage,” someone said simply.

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