Thums Up Eggs? ‘Crack’ Your Taste Buds With This Popular Chocolate Cake Recipe

Everybody is jumping all over the weird food craze that is taking the internet by storm, and it seems like it’s getting worse every day to the point where we have to turn away. And just when you thought you had seen everything, a “new” recipe for cake baking at home surfaces on social media. Be prepared to grimace. You may wonder, why? as filling Thums Up with an egg is a part of it! You did really hear correctly. With this strange cake recipe going viral, some are feeling a little uneasy.

The story begins with a guy asking boldly whether anybody has ever thought of adding eggs to Thums Up. Well, that’s a hard pass for the majority of us! Not to be discouraged, he adds two entire eggs to a tiny bottle of the soft drink and shakes it vigorously until the contents thicken into a light yellow mixture. He then adds the paste, a Dairy Milk chocolate, and a cup of maida to a jar for a juicer mixer. Following that, the mixture is transferred into a cake mould and covered with more dairy milk chocolate chunks.

Here’s the Desi baking twist: wrap the cake mould in aluminium foil, put it inside a separate pressure cooker that has been filled with hot water, and bake the cake.

It’s chocolate cake, the one that most people probably didn’t want to sample.

As was to be expected, the video rapidly went viral and sparked a wave of responses from the internet community. “I don’t understand; why wouldn’t you just throw the eggs into the blender? Yes, I understand before you respond. One bystander made the comment, “It makes us all watch with an open mouth and a slightly frowning face.” “My spirit is hurting!” cried one more. “And they inquire as to why there are more heart attacks,” said a third.

The little plastic wrapper that unintentionally found its way into the blender was noticed by others, which added even more ridiculousness to the whole situation.

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