Video: Online Users Call for Parents to Face Penalties for “Risking” Their Child’s Life

A toddler was seen on a social media video in Whitefield, Bengaluru, standing on the footrest of a scooter while his parents went through heavy traffic. Popular X account Whitefield Rising posted this video on Tuesday along with a warning: “Don’t do this.” It just takes a little rock or a slight dip in the road to create permanent damage that you will not want to experience. Additionally, act like the responsible parent you are if the youngster requests an exciting ride.

The fact that neither the youngster nor the pillion rider in the video had on a helmet put their safety in much more jeopardy. The Motor Vehicle Act of India requires all motorcyclists and pillion riders above four to wear helmets with straps. The traffic authorities may levy penalties for noncompliance. After the video went viral, the public began to demand that the parents face consequences for endangering their child’s safety and disobeying traffic laws.

An X user commented on this video, saying, “This is really dangerous.” Scooters’ side foot rests are not sturdy enough to support the weight.

“What about the rash driving cars, buses, and dumpers? These families are at least driving in a proper speed and, scooty seats are very narrow so how can a family be seated in this small 2 wheeler,” remarked another, in an attempt to defend the parents.

Another X user replied to this by writing, “Take public transportation like the bus or subway. can take a taxi or an automobile. People complain about not being able to “afford” automobiles yet are willing to “afford” accidents, which is really very hilarious.

Someone said, “There are a lot of people riding bikes and scooters with babies that are designed to stand while the pillion holds it. Some places force a youngster to sit on a bike’s gasoline tank, which is an invitation to disaster. The police should act strictly against these negligent parents, as I’m requesting.

The owner of the scooter was stopped by the Mahadevapura police and fined after this video went viral.

Law enforcement withheld the person’s identity even though they shared a picture of the scooter owner and the challan slip with them.

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