Woman In Mumbai Market Lifts Eggs Then Gets Into Argument With Shopkeeper

The internet is ablaze with excitement over a viral video that shows a shopkeeper and a lady getting into a furious argument. Two ladies can be seen standing outside a meat store and conversing with the clerk. Shortly after, one of the females can be seen quickly removing two to three eggs from the box on the counter and placing them in her bag. The storekeeper sees the lady right away after being caught in the act. Then he requests that she reveal the purse. The shopkeeper gestures toward the CCTV when the lady refuses to comply.

Since its April 18, 2024 post, the film has had over 551,000 views and sparked a wide range of responses in the comments area.

“She is stealing eggs and then is shameful,” a commenter said.If a camera hadn’t been put, she would have physically assaulted the shopkeeper.

“Ek to chori upar se seena zori,” said a second person. Yes, the CCTV footage seems to be captured in real time, but it’s not. Hua aadmi ne dekh liya aunty ki iss harkat ko (stealing first, followed by blatant denial). It would not have known anything at all if not for the CCTV. It’s fortunate that this guy saw the lady in the act.

One person commented, “Thanks to CCTV, that only asked the truth, every shop must have it.”

Another person said, “It’s a good thing the CCTV was there because the woman would have falsely accused the shopkeeper of molestation.”

It’s amazing how she remained true to her vow without faltering. Even after he displayed the camera,” one commenter said.

A user said, “After realizing that the superior race’s source of energy is eggs.”

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