YouTuber Evaluates All US Airlines Based on Comfort, Service, And Price

The well-known YouTuber Eric Decker, better known by his stage name Airrack, recently embarked on an unusual quest. He made the decision to spend a week flying on all domestic US airlines. He also documented the event and the guidelines established for this task. Thanks to the YouTuber’s ambitious airline rating challenge, we now have important insights into the real workings of US aviation.

Eric made the decision to stay at the airport until this task was over. Also, he would purchase premium tickets on all airlines. A combination of variables such as pricing, comfort, and service are used to score each flight. But the YouTuber encountered its first challenge early in the journey. The first three flights were delayed or canceled, which threw off his carefully planned timetable. Eric persisted in his task and eventually rated the airlines. “I’m ready to dedicate however many days of my life to try every single airline in the country,” Eric said in the video.

Due to their open seating arrangement, Southwest Airlines gave him the desired first-row ticket; but, after a protracted delay, they were demoted to the C-tier. Spirit Airlines, which is said to be well-known for its inexpensive flights, won the YouTuber over with a spotless aircraft and kind staff, earning them a B-tier rating. With the YouTuber complimenting a particular flight attendant and giving her a gift card, Frontier Airlines also received praise.

Other businesses were included on the scorecard with lower rankings. Horizon Air received an F-tier rating due to their too warm cabin and subsequent cancellation. Because their flight was canceled, Silver Airways was also given a failing grade.

Going on, Delta Airlines offered a comfortable seat, access to a lounge with plenty of facilities, and free meals, but their high cost prevented them from being in the top category. But in spite of its high cost, Endeavour Air received an A-tier rating.

Eric Decker was itching to get home after spending a week in the air. He booked a ticket with American Airlines, hoping for a fantastic trip. He ultimately gave up the seat, however, in order to go see his mother, earning American Airlines an E-tier rating.

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