CII President-Designate Sanjiv Puri: India Is Growing While the World Is Stressed

Leading industry association CII’s president-designate, Sanjiv Puri, said that India is expanding during a stressful time in the globe. Puri, who is also the chairman and managing director of ITC Limited, said that the current period is intriguing while speaking at an event held here on Friday night.

“CII has a rich history accumulated over many years. Puri said, “We will undoubtedly be looking forward to helping the economy and industry thrive. “This is also an interesting moment because it’s India’s moment,” he said. Numerous internal policy initiatives have been undertaken, and we are benefiting from external causes as well. The nation is expanding at a stressful time for the globe. Puri said that India has a vast skill pool and many chances. “When it comes to supply chains and digital transformation, the world is watching us.” He said, “India benefits from the demographic dividend as well.

He claimed that manufacturing and services both had significant potential. “The nation must take advantage of these chances. Reforms must go more quickly, and businesses must be competitive, according to Puri. Puri emphasized that in order to generate jobs, development must be inclusive and sustainable.

“When society is doing well, industry can survive. Although it will take time, decarbonization will solve the problem of climate change. The government and businesses must collaborate, he said.

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