Police said the accused performed three reconnaissances close to the actor’s home

A top crime branch officer said on Tuesday that the two individuals detained in connection with the fire at Salman Khan’s Mumbai home made at least three reconnaissance trips near the actor’s home before carrying out the plot on April 14.

Regarding Lawrence Bishnoi’s involvement, the Mumbai Police official said that they were checking this. Two guys on motorcycles opened fire outside the Bandra home of Khan, 58, on Sunday morning at approximately five in the AM.

Five shots were fired at Khan’s apartment complex, Galaxy Apartment; two struck the wall and the gallery, according to the police.

Pal, who was riding pillion on the motorbike, may have opened fire as Gupta continued to communicate with gang members while operating the vehicle, according to a preliminary investigation. “A preliminary investigation revealed that Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang hired both Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta to open fire at Khan’s residence,” Kutch West Deputy Inspector General of Police Mahendra Bagadiya said earlier in the day.

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