“China-UN Collusion Alleged: Two UNGA Presidents Bribed, Dissident Information Leaked, Covid Origins Report Altered,” according to a whistleblower

There is a “disturbing nexus” between the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the Chinese government, according to Emma Reilly, a former employee of OHCHR.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is a United Nations agency that uses advocacy, monitoring, and support to advance and defend human rights around the world.

As part of an investigation into international relations under the multilateral system, the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee released written testimony alleging that the OHCHR gave the Chinese government “dangerous favors.”

In a news statement, the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee said that “these favors fall into a broader effort of the Chinese government to instrumentalize the UN to serve its national interests.”

What Are The Charges?
The Irishwoman Emma Reilly said that China bought off two UN General Assembly presidents to change the wording of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In a press release, the UK parliamentary committee cited evidence gathered by Reilly to state that “Beijing paid bribes to the two successive Presidents of the General Assembly who ultimately oversaw the process and had significant influence over the final texts put to the Assembly… during the two-year negotiation of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

In addition, she claimed that China had pressured the World Health Organization (WHO) to remove citations that would suggest a potential lab leak.

According to the press release, references to the potential for a laboratory leak were removed from reports on the origins of COVID-19 by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

She said that China has succeeded in getting information from the OHCHR on dissidents and human rights advocates who were present at UN human rights council sessions.

According to the press release, the evidence she acquired reveals that “the Chief of the Human Rights Council Branch in OHCHR, a French national, was secretly providing the PRC with advance information on which human rights activists planned to attend the Human Rights Council.”

The UN Secretariat gave the PRC the names of NGO delegates in advance. The delegates then reported that, based on the evidence the whistleblower had gathered, family members had been visited by Chinese police, forced to call them to tell them to stop their advocacy, arbitrarily arrested, placed under house arrest for the duration of the meeting, disappeared, sentenced to long prison terms without cause, tortured, or, in the case of Uyghurs, placed in concentration camps.

She said that after that, Chinese authorities went to the activists’ family and relatives and had them phone the activists and tell them to cease advocating for human rights.

Some of them lost family members while they were being held captive. A person included on the PRC’s list who simply attended a side event subsequently returned to China and passed away while being held captive in at least one instance. The data indicates that the Chinese government has at least one instance of issuing an Interpol red notice to an NGO delegate.

She even claimed that the UN Secretary General was subject to “self-censorship,” avoiding some topics since doing so would require doing favors for China, which is perceived as difficult.

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