Israel Defense Forces: Three Hezbollah fighters, including a commander, were killed in an airstrike in Lebanon

Tel Aviv: According to CNN, an attack in southern Lebanon on Tuesday claimed the lives of three Hezbollah members, including two leaders. According to an IDF statement, the airstrike claimed the life of the commander of Radwan Forces’ Rockets and Missiles Unit. Muhammad Hussein Shahouri, the commander of the Rockets and Missiles Unit of the Radwan Forces’ Western Region, was killed in an airstrike in Kfar Dounine, south Lebanon, according to the statement.

According to an IDF statement, Muhammad coordinated and encouraged rocket and missile attacks from parts of central and western Lebanon into Israeli territory.

Mahmoud Ibrahim Fadlallah, “an operative of Hezbollah’s Rockets and Missiles Unit,” was also killed in the same attack, according to the IDF.

CNN reported earlier that Ismail Youssef Bazz, “the commander of Hezbollah’s coastal sector, in the area of Ain Ebel in Lebanon,” was killed in an attack in southern Lebanon, according to a separate statement from the IDF.

Hezbollah declared its three fighters dead. It did not, however, provide information on their ranks or the circumstances behind their demise.

CNN reported, citing an Israeli source, that the discussion between Israeli war cabinet officials regarding their reaction to Iran’s retaliation attacks had concluded. The source did not provide any further information on the discussions.

The war cabinet has conducted five rounds of meetings during the weekend after Iran’s missile launch in response to a claimed Israeli assault on an Iranian diplomatic facility in Damascus, Syria. The talks began at 12:30 pm (local time). As Tel Aviv prepares a response to Tehran, caution has been advised by regional leaders and Israel’s friends.

Iran fired several drones and missiles at Israel earlier on Saturday, according to The Times of Israel, in response for what it said was an Israeli airstrike on its embassy in Syria, which killed three of Iran’s most senior generals.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), said on Sunday morning that air defenses intercepted 99 percent of the approximately 300 missiles that Iran launched at Israel throughout the course of the night.

In a news release issued in the morning, he said, “This is a very significant strategic achievement.” “The IDF’s technological and aerial superiority, along with a robust fighting coalition, met the Iranian threat, and together we intercepted the vast majority of the threats,” Hagari said.

Furthermore, Hagari said that 120 ballistic missiles were launched by Iran against Israel. “As you can see for yourself, the base is operational and will keep carrying out its duties. He displayed live video from the airbase and added, “You can see the runway at Nevatim in the picture.”

Iran attempted, but was unable, to cripple the facility and harm our aviation capabilities. The Adir (F-35) fighters, which are now returning from a base defense mission and will soon be seen landing, are among the Air Force aircraft that continue to take off and land at the base and depart for offensive and defensive missions, he said.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, has confirmed that Israel and Iran are still at war in a new development. This information was released after Iran’s attempted use of drones and missiles to strike Israel. Nonetheless, the aforementioned attack was successfully thwarted by the Israeli Defense Forces. Gallant called on Israel’s people to be vigilant and to carefully follow the directives issued by the IDF and Homefront Command.

He said, “The Israel Defense Forces thwarted this attack in an impressive manner. The State of Israel was attacked with hundreds of missiles and [unmanned aerial vehicles].” Israel “must be prepared for every scenario,” he said.

“We managed to defend the territory of the State of Israel together with the United States and additional partners,” said Gallant. “A great deal of damage was avoided; this is the outcome of the IDF’s outstanding operations,” he said.