Cong Calls India’s Envoy to Ireland a “Party Apparatchik” for His Critical Remarks

In response to an editorial in an Irish daily, the Congress on Tuesday strongly objected to the criticism leveled at it by the Indian envoy to Ireland, stating that openly attacking opposition parties like a “party apparatchik” was “disgraceful behaviour” and that the ambassador ought to be fired.

The Irish Times published a “rejoinder” by Indian Ambassador Akhilesh Mishra that he had made disparaging remarks about Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Indian democracy, law enforcement institutions, and the “Hindu-majority” people of India. Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh responded angrily to Mishra’s remarks.

The Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, enjoys unparalleled popularity and profile not only in India but also internationally due to his impeccable personal character and integrity as well as his thought leadership on innovative, inclusive governance and sustainable development, Mishra wrote in her rejoinder to “The Irish Times’ view on the Indian election: Modi tightens his grip” (April 11).

The ambassador said, “Mr. Modi’s ever-growing popularity is largely due to his fight against the deeply entrenched ecosystem of corruption (created by the 55-year rule, including the first 30 years, by a single dynastic party in India).”

Congress general secretary in charge of media Ramesh responded to the envoy’s statements by saying, “Defending the Government of India is one thing and is to be expected.” However, even if an ambassador is a political appointee, it is not required of him to publicly criticize opposition parties in this way, much like a party apparatchik.”

In a subsequent post, he stated, “I stand corrected.” The fact that this ambassador is a professional diplomat adds even more shame, humiliation, and intolerance to his remarks. He really violated the terms of service, and he ought to be fired immediately. The Congress leader said, “I guess this is par for the Modi course—unprofessional and disgraceful behavior on his part.”

“Ambassador @AkhileshIFS’s rejoinder to @IrishTimes’ highly biased & prejudiced editorial (Modi tightens his grip) April 11, 2024,” the embassy shared on X, disparaging the Prime Minister of India, Shri @narendramodi, Indian democracy, law enforcement institutions, and the country’s “Hindu-majority” population.

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