Gitanjali Shree, the writer who created history with a different style of writing, know special things about her

Gitanjali Shree, the writer who created history with a different style of writing, know special things about her

This year India is going to complete 75 years of its independence. The whole country is celebrating the nectar festival of independence. The country has made a lot of progress in these 75 years. The contribution of not only men but also women to the progress of the country is no less than anyone. All kinds of prejudices remain in the minds of people regarding women.

Breaking them, the women's power of the country has not only raised its flag in our country but in the whole world and has illuminated the name of India. One such example of female power is the author Geetanjali Shri. In this story of ours, we will talk about such an achievement that has illuminated the name of the country all over the world-

International Booker Prize for the Hindi language

'Tomb of Sand', the English version of Gitanjali Shree's book 'Rat Samadhi', won the International Booker Prize this year. It is the first literary book in the Hindi language to receive this prestigious award. With this, Gitanjali Shree put an end to the problem of not getting the Booker Prize in the field of Hindi language literature.

It is a matter of great pride for the people of the country that if someone brought this award for the first time for the Hindi language, then it is a woman. This shows that whether it is the playground or the art of writing, the women of the country are bringing glory to India in every field.

About Geetanjali Shree-

Geetanjali Shree was born in the Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh. He has been active in the writing work for almost three decades. He has written many novels even before Sand Samadhi. His first novel was 'My'. Apart from writing novels like 'Hamara Shahar Us Baras', 'Empty Space', and 'And Tirohit', he has also written many story collections. His way of writing is different in itself. They have developed their own way.

Studied at Delhi University and JNU-

Geetanjali Shree has done her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi, besides doing an MA in History from Jawaharlal Nehru University. His early education took place in different places, the reason being that his father was a civil servant. Due to this their deployment used to be done in different districts.

There are inspirations for women-

The book of Gitanjali Shree did the feat which the present male writers of Hindi could not do. Her success inspires all those women who are working hard to move ahead in their respective fields. Their success proved that women are no less than men in any field.

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