Groom arrives at the polling station in Jammu with “Band, Baja, and Baarat,” as the bride waits at the altar to cast her ballot

People from all walks of life, from first-time voters to elderly people exercising their right to vote, come out to participate in the “festival of democracy” as India prepares for phase 1 of the Lok Sabha elections. But an astonishing image emerged from the Bhaderwah district of Jammu and Kashmir, where a groom wearing a sherwani was one of the first people to cast a ballot in the lead-up to the key Lok Sabha elections.

After speaking with the groom, News18 discovered that he wanted to use his right to vote before being married and that he kept the bride waiting at a ceremony in the Seri neighborhood of Bhaderwah.

The groom, who went by Susheel Kumar, lived in Seri Bhaderwah. The groom stopped at the voting place on route to the marriage hall, where the bride was waiting for him, and he made a contribution to the process of establishing the country.

Susheel showed up at a polling place set up in Seri and cast his ballot.

In a same occurrence, a woman was also seen traveling to Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, to vote after her wedding.

On Friday in J&K’s Udhampur, a newlywed couple went directly to the polls to exercise their right to vote.

Bride Radhika Sharma encouraged people to exercise their right to vote by saying, “Today, after our parting ceremonies, I informed my husband that we needed to cast our ballots. Our wedding ceremony was held yesterday.I’ll let everyone know that casting a vote should not be wasted.

Following his return home on Friday morning, Kapil Gupta exercised his right to vote at a polling place set up in the town of Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir, on Thursday after being married.

The first five stages of the elections will take place in Jammu & Kashmir. There are five parliamentary seats in the Union Territory. The Lok Sabha elections’ first phase saw voting in the Udhampur seat.

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