Man slain in front of his family by pals

Tragically, on Tuesday in Bahadurpura, a 27-year-old car driver was stabbed by four of his buddies in full front of his family. Before the event, the deceased was on his way to the police station with his father and brother.

The police claim that Muhammad Khaleel, the deceased, lived within the boundaries of the Bahadurpura police station. Following their intoxication, Khaleel and his four pals got into a fight. After that, on Monday night, the four buddies went to Khaleel’s residence and had a fight with him.

The family contacted the police after the event. When the police arrived at the residence, they learned that Khaleel was being threatened. Additionally, according to sources, the police advised the family to lodge a police complaint. After deciding to file a complaint, the family was on their way to the police station when Khaleel was fatally stabbed by the four suspects in Asad Baba Nagar, which is close to Bahadurpura.

The culprit is being sought after by the Bahadurpura police, who initiated an investigation.

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