On June 4, India will bring home a pleasant triumph. Stalin, TN CM

M K Stalin, the head of the DMK and the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, predicted on Saturday that the INDI coalition would win on June 4 with a “sweet victory.”

Stalin said he was moved by his brother’s kind act and was pleasantly delighted to get Mysore Pak from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during the latter’s visit to the state on Friday.

The two leaders spoke at a Coimbatore polling rally.

“I’m touched and overwhelmed by the’sweet gesture’ from my brother @RahulGandhi,” Stalin wrote in a post on the social media platform X, quoting a couplet from Thirukkural on the possession of love. She shared a video of Gandhi jumping over a road divider and running towards a sweet shop in Coimbatore to buy Mysore Pak for him. The head of the DMK said, “#INDIA will definitely deliver him a sweet victory on June 4th.”

Rahul Gandhi was seen leaping over a road barrier, crossing the street, and briskly entering a candy store in the footage that went popular on social media.

The seller inquired what he would want to buy, and he was heard to say, “I want Mysore Pak for my brother Stalin.”

Gandhi was seen paying for the gift box, thanking the salesman, and posing for a staff group picture after trying the sample candies that were handed to him.

Later, he approaches Stalin and gives him the charming gift, which the DMK chief accepts with a smile.

The Congress posted the video and said, “Shri @RahulGandhi presents renowned Mysore Pak to Shri @mkstalin.”

honoring the affectionate bond he has with the Tamil Nadu community.

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, presents Mysore Pakistan to TN Chief Minister M K Stalin.
Modi government is ‘Adani Government,’ according to Rahul Gandhi.

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