Priyanka says, “The nation worships truth, not power, and Modi wants power, not truth.”

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the national general secretary of the Congress, said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi reverses power rather than truth and that this nation worships truth rather than power.

She said that on this day of Ram Navami, Lord Rama had also battled for the truth. “Ravana possessed all the strength when he came to battle Rama, but Lord Rama gained all the power for himself by keeping nine fasts. The truth prevailed in the battle that followed with Ravana, the speaker remarked.

On the last day of the first phase of the campaign, Priyanka spoke at a street gathering at this location while accompanying Congress candidate Imran Masood on a roadshow from Gol Kothi to Qutubsher police station in Saharanpur city.

Priyanka spoke to the audience for almost twelve minutes during the road show, which lasted for approximately an hour.

A congresswoman’s road show went through the mostly Muslim region, where she solicited votes for Imran Masood, the congress candidate.

The first national Congress politician to campaign in Western Uttar Pradesh is Priyanka. Priyanka claimed during her address that PM Narendra Modi ignored the needs of laborers, small business owners, and the impoverished while forgiving Adani Ambani’s debt of Rs. 16 lakh billion.

“The BJP administration has always maintained the wealthiest people’s purses full. The underprivileged received nothing. The BJP was exposed when the Supreme Court ordered the names on the list to be made public, despite the fact that the party had also introduced the Electoral Bond Scheme and intended to keep the identities secret.

“The company, which is earning a profit of Rs 180 crore, is donating Rs 1100 crore to the BJP,” the speaker said. Where is this money coming from, after all? The introduction of GST crushed the backs of merchants, the Congressman said.

Priyanka said that the Saharanpur community’s wood industry had reached a dead halt. “At one point, a significant amount of timber goods were shipped from this area. Under the Modi administration, such companies were shut down as well. I urge the public to cast a large number of votes in favor of Bhai Imran, the candidate for the SP-Congress alliance. “On April 19, cast as many ballots as you can,” she urged the electorate.


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