Sanjay Nirpuam, Who Will Probably Be Fielded from Mumbai North West, Will Join Shinde Sena Tomorrow: References

New Delhi: The Shiv Sena, headed by Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, is expected to welcome former Congress leader Sanjay Nirpuam. Sanjay Shirsat, the head of the Shinde camp, had said that he would be joining the Congress party shortly after Nirupam left the party.

According to sources, Sanjay Nirupam is expected to join the Shiv Sena on Tuesday and might run from Mumbai North West in the next Lok Sabha elections. Shirsat had already said that CM Shinde will choose whether or not to put Nirupam forward for the next elections.

Nirupam had publicly defied the Congress leadership, requesting that it sever its ties with the Shiv Sena (UBT) after Uddhav Thackeray’s nomination of Amol Kirtikar for the Mumbai North-West Lok Sabha seat. Sanjay Nirupam intended to run as a Congress candidate in the Mumbai North West Seat.

In order to secure seats where the Congress has a stronghold, such as Mumbai North West and Sangli, Nirupam had instructed the Congress not to surrender before the Uddhav Sena. But after voicing his disapproval, Congress removed him off the list of prominent campaigners, and the party suspended him for six years for “indiscipline.” Subsequently, Nirupam said that the top leadership of the Congress party had suspended him after he had submitted his resignation.

Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, Sanjay Nirupam had made indications that he would be joining a political party. Sanjay Nirupam had said at a news conference the day after splitting from the Congress that he would stand for the Lok Sabha election and win. He gave a negative response when asked whether he would run as an independent.