Tamil Nadu filmmaker-candidate pulls a page from his screenplay

Every election, a few independent candidates stand out due to their distinctive style of campaigning or poll pledges. Filmmaker V Arunkanth is drawing attention in Coimbatore with his vow to place natural resources under the ministry of defense and use artificial intelligence (AI) to stop plundering them. His manifesto also calls for the introduction of a red button in the EVM that would allow voters to de-vote any candidate they disagree with and the provision of free medical education to individuals bent toward social service.

Like his rivals from the DMK, AIADMK, and BJP, Arunkanth (age 38) is a graduate of PSG Institutions, having earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). He directed four movies, the most recent of which, the fantasy picture “Operation Jujupi,” which came out in 2022, served as the inspiration for his credo. He depicts a parliament made up of independent candidates and electoral reforms in the movie, which also stars Comali-famous Ashwin, Santana Bharathi, and actor Y Gee Mahindra.

“In the movie, the nation’s independent prime minister unveils thirteen audacious plans for the betterment of society, including giving the armed forces command of the nation’s natural resources. I think they are very worthwhile to use. “I offer these as my electoral pledges,” said Arunkanth.

“It’s not true that what happens in the movie can’t happen in real life. I shared with others what I believed may lead to changes throughout the film. The Nanjundapuram resident Arunkanth told TNIE, “I am running in this election in the hopes that I can implement the changes I talked about in the movie.”

Three further movies have been directed by him: Rivet (2022), Intha Nilai Maarum (2020), and Goko Mako (2019). Arunkanth works as an inbound marketing instructor in a metropolitan private college.

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