TN BJP chairman Annamalai says PM Modi would assist countries in handling crises

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will become a worldwide leader this year and guide countries through the global crisis, according to BJP state president K Annamalai.

He remarked, “There is a serious situation in international politics, where the war between Hamas and Israel has intensified,” while speaking to reporters in Palladam on Tuesday. Russia and Ukraine are still engaged in combat. Information on Iranian authorities’ involvement in the battle exists.

As a consequence of Iran’s engagement, the Middle East conflict is expanding geographically. Iran’s participation will disrupt the maritime industry. We want a strong leader, such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who would never jeopardize the interests of the country and guarantee its stability and economic progress.

Given his shown leadership during the last crises, we have faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ability to resolve issues. Only he is able to communicate with Iran, Israel, and other nations. He will overtake the US, the UK, and Russia as a global leader.

After paying respects at the Ayyampalayam memorial pillar, which was built in memory of those who were shot dead in 1977 during demonstrations against the state government’s 20-paisa electricity rate hike, Annamalai launched his campaign. Additionally, Annamalai applauded the verdict in the Palladam murder case.

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