Two female Australian tourists were arrested for defacing pro-Palestinian placards in Kerala

Two female Australian tourists are being investigated by the police for allegedly pulling down pro-Palestinian signs and banners from a roadway that was set up by an Islamic student organization in Fort Kochi.

The two ladies have been recognized by the Kerala police, who have scheduled an interview for this Wednesday.

Two Australian nationals vandalized pro-Palestine posters and placards put up by the Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) at Jankar Jetty, Kamalakadavu in Fort Kochi on Monday night, according to police.

A throng gathered at the location after the event, and several locals questioned their behavior.

The visitors and the mob got into disputes, and footage of them went viral on social media.

Later on Tuesday night, SIO activists staged a demonstration in front of the Fort Kochi police station, calling on the authorities to file a complaint. About 11.45 p.m., police filed a formal complaint under IPC section 153 (provocation for riot) after conferring with higher authorities. Authorities indicated that a chargeable offense against visitors has been brought.

Police added that a decision on changing the charges will be made after completing a thorough investigation. The visitors had a week to spend in Kochi, and before they go, authorities want to wrap up the first investigation.

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