Here’s why UP bus drivers want to have family photos on the dashboard

A novel approach to lower the frequency of traffic accidents has been devised by the transport department of Uttar Pradesh.

Drivers of all commercial vehicles and state buses have been urged by transport commissioner Chandra Bhushan Singh to put a family photo on their dashboard.

On Wednesday, Transport Secretary L. Venkateshwar Lu said that Andhra Pradesh was the source of the concept for showcasing family photos.

According to him, the creative idea of putting a family picture in front of the driver is meant to promote emotional sensitivity toward traffic safety.

The official said, “It will continue to remind drivers of their families and encourage them to drive safely.”

The commissioner claims that Andhra Pradesh’s traffic accidents have effectively decreased as a result of this action.

In addition, a 4.7% rise in traffic accidents—from 22,596 in 2022 to 23,652 in 2023—was noted in the press release, which prompted the transportation agency to look for creative solutions.

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