Ancient humans lived in this mysterious cave for 50 thousand years, and know what is the secret behind it

Ancient humans lived in this mysterious cave for 50 thousand years, and know what is the secret behind it

There are still many mysteries on earth that are yet to be revealed. Often scientists keep making many surprising revelations in their research. Now in this episode, scientists have discovered a mysterious cave in which ancient humans lived for 50 thousand years. This discovery by scientists is very surprising. According to scientists, many generations of ancient humans must have lived in this mysterious cave.

There is a place named Malaga in southern Spain where this cave is located. The name of this cave is Cueva de Ardales. Ancient artifacts, drawings, and paintings have been made on the walls of this cave, many of which are very famous while some are highly disputed. There is controversy about this among international archaeologists. Neanderthals used to be human at the time we are talking about. The controversy now is whether he could paint.

Scientists have got information from this cave about what was the difference between Neanderthal humans and modern humans and how both may have lived their lives. Neanderthal humans have been using this cave since 65 thousand years ago. Modern humans started using this cave 50 thousand years ago. In this cave, paintings were made inside. Apart from this, people were also buried at this place. Evidence of any work more than this has not been found in this cave.
Archaeologist Jose Ramos Muoz of the University of Cádiz, located in Spain, has told many things about this cave. He has said that we have got 50 radiometric dates. He has traced the age of Paleolithic artifacts. He has told that he has come to know that this cave has seen humans changing.

He has told me that this thing is about 58 thousand years old. There is evidence from this cave that many activities related to art were found here. The mining work of this cave has been done between 2011 and 2018. The main door of this cave is very small and narrow.
On going inside this cave, caves have been found in many layers and many paths have been found. Many large hall-like areas have also been seen in which evidence of human life has been found. He said that we tried to reach it's innermost and lowest. He told that 58 thousand years old wall paintings were found here, whose age is also up to 43 thousand years. It has been found in the study that modern humans came to this area 35,000 years ago.

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