How This Woman Makes Lakhs Working Just 1-2 Hours a Day

Most individuals want to work and support themselves and their families, and this is true anywhere in the globe. To make more money and maintain a good standard of life, people put in a lot of effort, pick up a lot of new abilities, and put them into practice. These days, a lot of individuals choose to take on side occupations or enterprises in order to have an extra source of money. A similar story recently gained widespread attention on social media, as a lady revealed how she made lakhs of rupees in only five months.

The lady is reportedly a stay-at-home mom who just posted a video detailing her company concept. Right now, this video is going viral. On the other hand, she disclosed details about her revenue on her TikTok channel, @emtheaffiliate.

Em Walcott is the woman’s name. She said that she sends her kids to homeschool. She thus considered getting a second job early on in order to accommodate her hectic schedule and supplement her income.

In the video, Em said that affiliate marketing—which entails advertising other people’s items online—was the finest and simplest thing she had ever come across. According to her, all that’s required is to register as an affiliate for several websites, such as Canva and H&M, create a social media profile to advertise these businesses, and then get others to click on the links. It will direct them to the website of the affiliate.

Affiliates are compensated on a commission basis for their efforts; that is, they get payment each time a customer makes a purchase after their recommendation. EM went on to say that she had made thousands of rupees in only five months in this manner.

The lady went on to say that she can now afford vacations and debt repayment because she is earning her husband’s full-time wage. She said that she just needs to dedicate one to two hours a day to affiliate marketing now that she has learned the basics in around two weeks.

But EM’s video quickly gained popularity. Users of TikTok also hurried to add comments to express their opinions. Many others said that they wanted to begin this task.

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