Job applicant claims a bot made the decision after receiving a rejection letter in three minutes

These days, looking for employment may be stressful, and being rejected right away can be much more unpleasant. Applying requires careful thought; applicants prepare their resumes and cover letters and hope that their applications will be considered. In a recent series of events, one applicant said that their application was turned down three minutes after the email was sent.

On Reddit, the unhappy applicant claimed he spent hours preparing a cover letter for a position at National Grid, but the application was immediately rejected by a machine.

“I spent many hours crafting a cover letter, only to have it rejected by a computer automatically. He included two screenshots of the company’s emails with his post, saying, “I like the UK employment market right now.

He said that the first automatic confirmation email, which claimed, “We are reviewing the applications and will be in touch within the next 14 days,” arrived with a timestamp of 10:37 AM.

Within three minutes, at 10:40 AM, there was another email with the subject, “Thank you for applying for the post.We have determined that, on this occasion, we will not be advancing your application any further after giving it much thought. We appreciate your interest in employment with National Grid.

People on social media were shocked and incensed by this very quick rejection, and many of them claimed to have experienced something similar.

“Yeah, I did this on a website for a local mine,” a user said. I took 35 minutes to register and submit my résumé. The website required personal intervention to correct an odd behavior. After clicking submit, you received an email right away saying that you weren’t a suitable match. I have worked as a forklift operator for more than 15 years. I was rather irritated.

“I work in HR, and I’ve done recruitment in the past.It was our policy to send rejections only after a week had passed—neither before nor on a Friday. Receiving a rejection right away is heartbreaking,” said another reply.

It’s becoming harder for young people to find work as the recession approaches. In situations like these, the issue of whether rejection without due process is acceptable on their end always lingers.

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