Students in Thailand Issue Ghost-Free Certificates for Haunted Locations

Recently, it was discovered that two Thai students had a brilliant business concept. In order to ensure that there are no ghosts or other paranormal energies present, the students spend the night in troublesome homes and flats.

Wifei Cheng, a 21-year-old student at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna in the province of Chiang Mai, saw a challenge faced by real estate brokers: selling houses where paranormal energy was present. These youthful company owners have successfully balanced running their companies with their academic endeavors.

The idea to give certificates for houses rid of ghosts came to the 21-year-old. Sretthawut Boonprakhong, a 22-year-old coworker, and he began advertising their services on social media. The pair promised to spend the night in haunted houses before certifying that they were clear of supernatural activity. This gave prospective tenants and purchasers peace of mind.

Thai news source The two young Ghostbusters were profiled in The Nation last month, and their clever business concept quickly gained traction online. Although they had only begun to advertise their services on social media, the couple had not yet attracted any customers. Cheng thought there was still a market for certified ghost-free homes, nevertheless. Cheng said that they were willing to negotiate a price based on the nature of the task, but they had not yet agreed on a package for the service.

“I’m willing to take on similar tasks, such as spending the night at funerals or other haunted locations,” the 21-year-old said. Boonprakhong said that he was afraid of ghosts. He clarified that in addition to making some money, this work would support his belief that ghosts don’t exist. However, he always packs practical gear in case ghosts really do exist.

“Just to be safe, I’d bring along sacred amulets if I ever got an assignment like that,” the Thai student said. They also provide additional services in addition to this. They didn’t settle on set rates right away, even though they started the business jointly. In addition to exploring spooky buildings, they provide lodging in crematoriums for the night.

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