Meet Gyanendra Bharti, a farmer’s son from Bihar who passed the UPSC on his fifth try

Reading about successful people who overcame adversity to achieve achievement in life is always enjoyable. This is also the case with Gyanendra Bharti from Purnia, Bihar. The son of a peasant, Gyanendra, aced the UPSC examinations, placing 537th overall. His mother works for the government distribution system. Gyanendra Bharti, a native of Banmankhi in the Purnia district, is reportedly the son of Nageshwar Yadav’s wife, Ranjana Bharti. Gyanendra disclosed to Local 18 that he failed the UPSC test four times in a row. All of his family members gave him support and blessings in spite of this. Inspired by this, he took the UPSC test a fifth time and finished in the 537th spot in September 2023.

Local 18 was told by Gyanendra Bharti that he was hired by the Small Industries Development Bank of India in 2016. Since then, he has had to move to several states for work, which has made his academics difficult. Having bank responsibilities from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm made it very hard to find time to study. He continued to pursue his studies in spite of this, balancing it with taking care of his family and his obligations to them. He would go to work in the morning and spend the evening getting ready for his examinations.

Gyanendra relied only on his own research and did not get any personal instruction. He worked through various study materials and answered last year’s exam questions. He said that, despite his best efforts, he was unable to go beyond the interview stage. But even now, working at a bank, he has persevered in working hard to pass the UPSC and get a 537th rank, which has made the district proud. He is still employed at the Small Industries Development Bank of India in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, at the moment.

Nageshwar Yadav, the father of Gyanendra, farms five acres in Janaki Nagar, Banmankhi, Purnia. Gyanendra’s father and the district as a whole have expressed their joy and delight at his remarkable performance in the competitive test.