First Rate Decision on April 5th, RBI MPC FY24 Schedule Out: Complete Details Here

The bi-monthly monetary policy committee meeting schedule for the next fiscal year was released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Wednesday.

According to an official release, the first conference will take place from April 3–5, while the second meeting will begin on June 5.

On the third day of the meeting, the six-member panel normally votes on a resolution, with the governor making the announcement in the early part of the next day.

Deliberations and panel presentations by subject matter experts take up the first two days of the gathering.

According to the announcement, the second bi-monthly policy review meeting will conclude on June 7 and be followed by three-day sessions in August, October, December, and February.

Three outsiders make up the six-person committee that the governor chairs. Note that Shaktikanta Das’s tenure as RBI Governor is scheduled to conclude in December of this year.

For many reviews now, the MPC has been steadfast in maintaining the high interest rates and its position on the removal of accommodation.

Expectations of a shift in attitude to neutral or perhaps a rate drop have increased in response to the recent slowdown in inflation and the need to promote growth.

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