Meet ‘The Sky Queen’ and CEO of JetSetGo, Kanika Tekriwal, who owns ten private jets

Individuals who possess resilience and strength in the face of setbacks and adversity will emerge from them stronger and go on to succeed in life. One such tale is that of Kanika Tekriwal, who overcame a number of obstacles to turn her life around.

At now, Kanika Tekriwal holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at JetSetGo, an aviation company that seeks to transform the aviation industry by establishing a lifestyle that combines efficiency, elegance, and safety.

To put it simply, JetSetGo is a plane aggregator that oversees, runs, and pilots helicopters and hired aircraft. Another common term for it is a private aircraft and helicopter marketplace. However, Kanika has faced a good deal of difficulties throughout her life. This is a glimpse of her journey:

The family that Kanika Tekriwal was born into was Marwari. She went to the UK to do her further study at Coventry University after finishing her first education at the Lawrence School. She had originally hoped to become a pilot, but her traditional Marwari family had other ideas.

She returned to India after graduating from college and began working for the airline of her dreams. But after a while, she received a cancer diagnosis, which caused her life to take an unexpected turn. With little money but a lot of willpower, Kanika chose to go to Delhi after overcoming it and eventually getting well.

She discovered JetSetGo soon after, and the rest is history. Additionally, it was said that Kanika transformed the business from a marketplace to an airline management organization. She has never wavered in her commitment to provide the aviation industry with honest pricing and dependable service. Even though JetSetGo didn’t own many aircraft at the time, it managed the biggest fleet in the nation.

Kanika Tekriwal, whose net worth is Rs 420 crore, has joined the ranks of self-made women. In addition, Kanika is the happy owner of ten private aircraft.

She has received several honors for her commercial expertise throughout the years. The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders Award and the Government of India’s National Entrepreneurship Award were given to Kanika. Entrepreneur also bestowed upon her the title of “The Sky Queen.”