Ayesha Khan Says She Was Replaced In The Song “Jacqueline Fernandez-Asim Riaz”

With their song Mere Angne Mein from 2020, Asim Riaz and Jacqueline Fernandez have captured the spirit of Holi. The song was composed by Vayu and was directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru. Neha Kakkar and Raja Hassan provided the vocals. But did you know that Ayesha Khan, who rose to popularity on Bigg Boss 17?, was also meant to appear in the song video? Regretfully, she was abruptly replaced.


Ayesha Khan recently captured hearts with her depiction of a frightened wife in the T-series music video Khaali Botal, opposite Abhishek Kumar. This was before she was substituted in the song Asim-Jacqueline. They were both Bigg Boss 17 co-contestants. She discussed being replaced in a project the day before it was to be filmed in a recent interview.

While she was practicing for Khaali Botal at the T-series office, Khan claimed that life was now going full circle for her. The actress went on to explain to Pinkvilla that she had previously been chosen to play a significant role in a song with Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandes and Bigg Boss 13 star Asim Riaz. She said she was quite thrilled about it and had even made the decision to forgo her board examinations since they were on the same day.

But, she found out the day before the T-Series office shoot that she had been substituted in the song. This crushed Ayesha’s heart. She thus believed that she had made progress when she entered the same rehearsal space in the music production company to rehearse for Khasli Botal’s role as the lead.

The first scene of Khaali Botal has Abhishek Kumar as a monarch who drags a girl (played by Manpreet Dolly) back to his kingdom. His wife, Ayesha Khan, is devastated to see this. The actress has amazing dancing movements in the song video. As he torments Ayesha and Manpreet, Abhishek is a fantastic match for his part. He has an unexpected conclusion and is a chauvinist.

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