Hacking of Tom Holland’s X Account Leads to Cryptocurrency Posts Endorsing SpiderVerse NFTs

Tom Holland is most known for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel film series, and he has often made news for his motion pictures. The actor is now making headlines for an internet scam that he fell victim to, rather than for his profession. It has been reported that Tom Holland’s X handle was compromised, and even worse, the hackers attempted to use his identity to advertise bitcoin investments.

Tom Holland’s followers were shocked when, on April 16, the actor seemed to make a mysterious post on social media site X about merging with cryptocurrency platform Binance. The since-deleted post advised his followers to register for early access to $SPIDER coin, a new virtual currency, and Spiderverse NFTs, which were purportedly connected to a SpiderVerse initiative.

As Tom Holland is reputedly not very active on social media, his admirers were taken aback by the strange message endorsing cryptocurrencies. Eventually, this made his fans think that someone had hacked his account. Additionally, a selfie of an unidentified male showed up on the actor’s X page before being removed, raising the possibility that it was the hacker.

“Wait, so Tom wasn’t being serious about the NFT BS thing?,” said a fan of the actor who expressed anxiety about the actor endorsing cryptocurrencies. Well, thank heavens, that post saved me from being devastated—damn, that stinks. “Guys, Tom Holland does not own the rights to Spiderverse,” a another fan explained. Marvel is one. It’s obvious that this is some kind of fraud or hack.

In the meanwhile, Tom Holland has come back to play Romeo and Juliet on stage for the first time. In the show, which will take place in London from May to August 2024, the actor will portray Romeo. Francesca Amewudah-Rivers has been cast as Juliet, the female protagonist, alongside Tom Holland. In 2012, Francesca starred in two seasons of the BBC comedy Bad Education.

The crew received a lot of racist criticism when the production was announced, and they have called out those who have engaged in such behavior. “After the announcement of our ‘Romeo & Juliet’ cast, there has been a barrage of deplorable racial abuse online directed towards a member of our company,” said a statement released by Jamie Lloyd Company. This has to end. Freema Agyeman, Michael Balogun, Tomiwa Edun, Mia Jerome, Daniel Quinn-Toye, and Ray Sesay are among the other actors in the production.

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