BJP candidate Navneet Rana first claims, “No Modi wave,” but then retracts

First, Navneet Rana, the BJP’s candidate for Amaravati, said that there isn’t a “Modi wave.” She made the comment on Monday while speaking at a rally in her district. The opposing parties quickly responded, stating that what she had said was accurate. But, Navneet Rana then changed her mind, claiming that the video that went viral on social media was an edited version and that she never made the comment, as the situation threatened to turn into a scandal.

Rana said in the video: “We need to campaign for the election the way we would in a grama panchayat election. By noon, we must transport every voter to the polling places. Don’t continue to believe that the “Modi wave” is happening.”

Reports state that Rana went on to say that she had prevailed in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in spite of the Modi wave. She was backed by NCP as an independent candidate and won the seat. Following her subsequently joining the Bharatiya Janatha Party, she is now running on a BJP ticket.

She has now said that the video was altered and that there is, in fact, a “Modi wave” occurring across the nation, shortly after the recording of her making the assertion went viral. The BJP would get over 400 seats in the next Lok Sabha elections, she continued.

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