Caugh On Cam: Six people are injured after a Mercedes SUV speeds into the Fateh Kachori shop in Delhi’s Civil Lines

New Delhi: A speeding Mercedes-Benz SUV collided into the well-known roadside restaurant “Kachori” on Rajpur Road in the Civil Lines neighbourhood of Delhi, turning a busy Sunday afternoon into a nightmare. Six individuals were hurt in the horrific event; some of them were store employees who were there when it happened.

The restaurant’s security cameras caught the whole episode. People are seen eating chaat at Fateh Kachori as the white Mercedes crashes into the restaurant’s wall, according to CCTV video of the event. The SUV smashes everything in its path as it enters the store and crashes into a wall before anybody could get out of the way or warn others. People are seen searching for their friends and relatives as they get over their astonishment. The SUV also backs away from the wall. Later, the wounded were sent to a hospital in Tirth Ram, which is close.

A middle-aged guy and his wife entered the establishment, and he was observed gazing aimlessly at his companion. A few moments later, his spouse emerges from behind, and the two of them are seen cuddling up to one another.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as businessman Parag Maini, a resident of Sector 79 in Noida, was apprehended on the scene, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) M. K. Meena. Additionally, the incident-related car was confiscated.

Maini had gone to the store with his wife to get kachori, as per police reports. He mispressed the accelerator instead of the brakes while parking his automobile outside the store, which caused him to lose control of the machine. The store, which is well-known in the neighbourhood, wasn’t as busy at the moment; otherwise, there would have been a worse tragedy.

“The driver was not intoxicated, according to the results of the first medical assessment. However, his blood sample has been kept for further examination since the probe is ongoing, according to DCP Meena.

He claimed that Tirath Ram Shah Hospital in Civil Lines has accepted the wounded. The authorities said that two of the wounded had fractures.

The Civil Lines police station has received a complaint under Indian Penal Code sections 279 (rash driving) and 337 (causing harm by an act endangering the life or personal safety of others), according to the police.

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