Yogi Adityanath criticizes Pakistan by referring to the “new India.”

During a quick tour of three Lok Sabha seats in western Uttar Pradesh, Meerut, Ghaziabad, and Bulandshahr, which are scheduled to vote in Phase II on April 26, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday drew comparisons between the economic conditions in India and Pakistan, a neighbor that is facing bankruptcy-like circumstances.

He said that while 80 crore people in India had received free rations for the previous four years and would for the next five, people in Pakistan were starving to death.

The Chief Minister highlighted the importance of the “Surya Abhishek” of the Lord Ram idol on the first Ram Navami after his consecration in Ayodhya in order to garner support for Dr. Mahesh Sharma, the BJP candidate from the Gautam Buddha Nagar Lok Sabha seat, Arun Govil from Meerut, and Atul Garg from Ghaziabad.

Speaking during the public demonstrations held in Bulandshahr to win the Gautam Buddha Nagar Lok Sabha seat, he declared: “The BJP stands for faith, security, and prosperity.” Curfews lasting months were common in the state during SP, BSP, and Congress governments. Curfews are no longer in place. These groups were notorious for using riots to stir up trouble. We gave priority to a “development policy,” while others implemented a “riot policy.” Yogi Adityanath highlighted the changes that have taken place in India, saying, “We are now in a ‘New India.'” The younger generation and first-time voters should be made aware of the general dissatisfaction and distrust during the 2014 elections by those who recall those elections.

All over the country, separatism, naxalism, and terrorism were on the increase. It was rife with corruption in every field. Farmers were forced to commit suicide, and the kids were demoralized,” he said.

Speaking at a public gathering in Kithore, Meerut, to solicit support for Arun Govil, the BJP candidate for the Meerut-Hapur Lok Sabha constituency, Adityanath stated that Govil, who portrayed Lord Ram in the Ramayana television series, had no idea that the day would come when Lord Ram would celebrate his birthday at home. He went on to say that Lord Ram’s return to his homeland and Govil’s candidacy are related.

He led the Ghaziabad candidate Atul Garg’s campaign at Pilkhua, Hapur, and repeated the slogan, “Phir ek bar Modi Sarkar, Abki bar 400 paar.” He said the phrase represented the changes India has undergone in the last ten years, not just a meaningless echo.

He was impressed with the Pilkhua artists’ deft handloom skills and ability. He tallied the area’s infrastructural advancements, which included a subway and a 12-lane highway connecting Delhi and Meerut.

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