Rahul Gandhi lacks both a national leadership vision and goal. Thakur Anurag

Anurag Thakur, a union minister and BJP contender for the parliamentary constituency of Hamirpur, said today that Congressman Rahul Gandhi lacks both the vision and the goal to govern the nation.

Speaking to the media during his Una visit, he stated that the party that had declared the nation’s citizens under emergency was now voicing worries about a danger to democracy.

Anurag Thakur stated that during the last ten years, Narendra Modi has made progress toward realizing his goal of making India a prosperous country, and that his vision has produced favorable outcomes both at home and abroad. He said that in under ten years, programs like Startup India, Mudra Yojna, and Sunidhi PM Vishwakarma Yojna had provided the nation with what the Congress party had not been able do in sixty years.

The Union minister predicted that the BJP will win over 400 seats in the next general elections, while the Congress would not win over 40 seats. He also said that the BJP would win all four of the Himachal Pradesh seats.

He responded to claims made by the Congress that the BJP had attempted to topple the state government by saying that the Congress could not get its leaders along. The party gained control in the state on the basis of made-up promises, and the ordinary man was now furious with the administration since it had failed terribly on all fronts.

Anurag said in response to a query that no election was little. In order to win elections on all seats, the BJP would educate the general public about its policies and programs as well as the advancements that have been made over the last ten years. “We have a chance to present our report card to the public during elections,” he said.

The Union minister thereafter went to a meeting with “vistaraks,” or party cadres in charge of grassroots public campaigning at the district level.

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