Aoora, a K-pop star, ignites the audience with his UP Wala Thumka dance

A South Korean artist’s amazing dance to the hit song UP Wala Thumka has gone viral on social media. This video has received a lot of attention since it was posted on Instagram. His performance left a lot of people in aoora a k pop star ignites the audience with his up wala thumka dance images 2023

The singer Aoora is shown at the beginning of the video wearing a bright red dupatta while wearing a black kurta and pajamas. He moves enthusiastically to the music as UP Wala Thumka plays, matching the rhythms with his movements and gestures.

I adore UP – Lucknow… Kanpur,” he added in the post’s description. Are you up for dancing with me?

On Instagram, this post was recently shared. It has gained more than two lakh likes since being posted and has become popular. Additionally, the sharing has drawn a lot of comments.

See what others are saying about the article here:

The commenter remarked, “Very nice brother.”

“Good dance,” said another.

Another person said, “Great dance, Aoora.”

One person commented in jest, “It’s time for you to get an Aadhar card!”

Five people said, “Keep it up, dear!”

Sixth person said, “Welcome to UP.”

It’s not the first time Aoora has caused folks to look twice. Earlier, a video of him dancing to the Oo Antava and Kaavaalaa mix with other musicians went viral. On social media, many people were moved by their incredible dance.


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