Days after giving Etihad Airways a one-hundred-ten rating, a girl calls the airline “chocolate.”

When consumers fly by airplane, they anticipate receiving excellent customer service wherever they are on the globe. Many customers utilize the feedback form to criticize the airlines when their expectations are not fulfilled. A few days ago, Mark Ross-Smith, CEO of Loyalty Status Co., a travel technology firm located in Singapore, published comments that his 6-year-old daughter had provided Etihad Airways upon their return from a business class journey.

She gave the UAE-based airline a 1 out of 10 on the feedback form due to her terrible experience. It has since been discovered that, after a few days, the CEO’s daughter had a change of heart and had called the airline affectionately “Chocolate Airline” on her next voyage.

Prior to this, Mark Ross-Smith had shared information regarding his daughter’s flight in Etihad’s business class and the reasons for her unfavorable review of one of the world’s most opulent modes of transportation. His daughter didn’t like the experience, he disclosed in a post on the microblogging site X, since she didn’t receive chocolate on the flight and her school pals weren’t there. Aside from that, she also gave a lower rating since she didn’t get hot towel service while traveling and because the souvenir packets given to the kids in business and economy classes were the same.

Mark went to X once again and said that the airline had fixed the prior situation and ensured that the child and her sister received chocolates everywhere when his family flew with Etihad again. Additionally, he said in his article that the airlines made sure to have chocolates available for everyone—at the airport, in the lounge, during boarding, throughout the flight, and even after the trip. He continued by saying that his girls had never eaten that much chocolate.

He praised Etihad Airlines further in his message. “Chocolate Airlines successfully wowed my little chocolate connoisseur,” the author stated. I hope that every youngster who flies with Etihad gets to go on the amazing chocolate voyage since it will always be etched in her mind.

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