Delicious Koftas Are Sold At This Rajasthani Restaurant For Rs 5, But Only Once Every Four Years

If you recall, we used to eat a lot of cheap street food. However, it is currently challenging to find anything for Rs 5 owing to inflation. However, there is a location in India where street cuisine may be enjoyed for a very low cost. Rajasthan’s Barmer City is close to the Pakistan-India border. It is well-known for the Goddess Jagdamba temple, a historic structure that is at least 500 years old, according to archaeologists. The yearly cattle fair (Tilwara) in the city is also well-known. Recently, the city has attracted notice for its recent sale of a tasty meal for only Rs 5.

Barmer has recently attracted a lot of attention. In this city, a store offers two koftas for only Rs 5. That is not all, however. The restaurant is special since it only operates for one day every four years and sells out of all of its cuisine in that time. According to rumors, diners are handed hot koftas as soon as the dish is prepared, which reportedly happens around morning.

According to rumors, the kofta meal includes pomegranate and dried fruits to boost the flavor factor. The dish’s quality is never sacrificed, thus it turns out to be pretty scrumptious. According to accounts, during the Purshottam month, a large number of devotees come to the Jasdesar Pond to do a city parikrama (circumambulation). These koftas were created for the many guests. According to a confectioner at Barmer, this dessert requires close to a dozen employees to prepare.

Reports state that about 38,000 koftas are made for this one-day function. 350 kilograms or 3.5 quintals of potatoes are needed, as well as 200 kg or 2 quintals of besan (gram flour) and 10 kg each of pomegranate, cashew, and raisins. 350 kg, or 3.5 quintals, of spices are also required in the preparation. One quintal, or 100 kg, of spices may be used to make 3,500 koftas, according to a confectioner by the name of Kailashpuri.

The employees start the preparation process at two in the morning and labor for eight to ten hours, frying the koftas over two furnaces, selling them for only Rs 5.


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