How This 21-Year-Old Norwegian Spent Rs 6.3 Lakh Traveling To 18 Countries

Everybody has the desire to travel and see new areas. Traveling extensively does not come cheaply, however. It is quite costly to go from one nation to another. But consider the possibility that you may visit at least 18 nations for less than Rs 6.5 lakh. A 21-year-old man revealed a strategy that has allowed him to visit pricey European nations without having to pay a large amount of money. I know, shocking.

Norwegian Robert Michelsen, 21, traveled around Europe for eight months. He traveled to Portugal, Serbia, Croatia, and Poland while ingeniously cutting costs. According to the Daily Star, he has spent £6,000 (about Rs 6.3 lakh) on travel to nearly 18 different countries.

Robert Michelsen was adamant about seeing the globe and making sure that his lack of money would never stop him. He seldom went to restaurants and was very frugal with his money. He would eat vegetables and raw eggs instead. Rather than indulging in a hotel room, he favored spending his nights in the caverns, beaches, or budget hostels along the route. He reportedly almost got robbed and had run-ins with wolves, but he wouldn’t have done it any other way.

He believes that having money shouldn’t prohibit him from seeing the globe. He thus depended on the abilities he had been developing since he was a youngster. He started his solo trip journey in February 2023, since he loves to travel. He used to get free lodging at farms. He would go out every morning and milk the cows for a month in return for a place to stay and a dish of food. He kept on traveling the globe and would often camp out on a remote beach for a week.

Following many months of island hopping, he traveled to Lisbon, Portugal, where he slept in an inexpensive hostel. Later, he traveled to Sintra and, not wanting to pay the expensive admission price, sneaked inside the renowned Pena Palace for free. According to Robert Michelsen, he spent over £4,273 (almost Rs 4.4 lakh) on travel, lodging, meals, and entertainment.

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