Man discovers “crawling” worm in orange ordered from Zepto; business replies

Our reliance on applications that transport groceries and utilities is growing daily due to changes in our lifestyle. But is it okay for us to eat the meals we are obtaining from these apps? Recently, reports of degraded food quality have surfaced about these applications. One such instance included a consumer who got oranges via the Zepto app, which delivers utilities, and discovered a worm crawling inside one of the fruits.

Janardhan Chilmula posted a video of it and said, “I ordered oranges from Zepto Now and found a live warm in one of the oranges I received.” on the social networking site X.

He further added, “Unable to complaint on Zepto..what kind of service are you providing no help from the app.” He went on, “Zepto, the social media administrator, called me. He expressed regret for the problem, started the reimbursement process, and gave me assurances that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again. He said that in order to avoid future occurrences of the same problems, they will look at the store’s safety precautions.”

“I ask that the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India take up these matters. I could have eaten them if I hadn’t noticed. I’m grateful for Zepto’s prompt reaction and action,” he said in another post. One person commented, “Non-vegetarian,” and another, “It’s free.”

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