Online, many are taking notice of the interaction between the TV anchor and her “non-binary” guest

Some transgender and non-binary persons have pushed for the usage of “they/them” pronouns for themselves in recent years. Many people accepted these adjustments without any problems, however, others argue that there should only be two sorts of pronouns since there are two genders and therefore, “they/them” pronouns are incorrect. Journalist Shivani Dave and presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer recently got into a spat over pronoun use. Dave was asked by Brewer on her TalkTV program to talk about the results of the CASS Review, a study that examines gender identity and gender dysmorphia in young people in the UK.

Brewer refers to Dave as “they/them,” despite the fact that Dave goes by “she/her” while presenting him to the audience. Brewer was informed by Dave, who remarked, “Good afternoon, Julia.” My pronouns are they/them, as you are aware. How are things going for you? The two then engaged in a passive-aggressive debate in which Brewer maintained her right to use “correct grammar.”

Brewer asserted her point by saying, “You’re not plural. You are a female individual, and you are one person. I will therefore refer to her and “she,” Thank you very much. Dave responded coolly, saying that although they were only indicating their preferred pronouns so that other viewers would be aware of them, Brewer is free to “do whatever” she pleases.

A video of this conversation has gone viral, and many people have criticized Brewer for being naive and impolite. “So disgusting,” said a remark on Instagram. Using they/them pronouns for a single individual is not that difficult. When we are unsure about someone’s gender, we often act in this way.

Someone else clarified, saying, “Someone drops their keys in a crowded room.”I apologize! Hi to all of you! Someone let go of their keys! does not imply that many people dropped a single set of keys. You say they/them since you don’t know who lost their keys and you don’t know how to refer to them. It’s not difficult; I just completed it! Today, ignorance is pervasive.

People also praised Dave for being calm the whole time. “Well done, Shivani, for remaining polite and respectful throughout that conversation. I could not have done that when the anchor was being so obviously disrespectful,” one Instagram user remarked. What a repulsive way to treat people, and the anchor needs to be pulled off the air so that nobody can be exposed to her vile bigotry any longer.