Placing a Rs. 200 note inside the exam sheet, the student attempts to bribe the teacher

Exam day anxiety is a constant, regardless of how well-prepared you are. Whether it’s a simple test for school or a challenging exam for competition, the dread of failing is very real. Students are often seen making notes for the examiners and asking them to provide passing marks when their preparation is inadequate. Some even go too far and attempt to buy off the person grading the test paper. A student attempted to pay a teacher money in order to help him pass an exam in a recent event that was identical to this one.

The instructor can be seen recounting the event in a video that has now gone viral. An image of a guy sitting with an exam paper opens the clip. After then, the camera closes in to reveal every letter on the test copy. The instructor continues by informing the student that because they have only copied the questions without writing their responses, they will not get any credit.

The message is written in Hindi and is discovered by the guy when he turns the pages. The message said, “My copy has been given to Guru; if he wishes then I will pass.” That wasn’t all, however. The instructor then displays a Rs. 200 note that has been surreptitiously placed where the sheet is bound. Just before the video concludes, the guy stamps the answer sheet with a zero.

The description for the video, which was posted on Instagram, said, “A student attempted to cheat by buying a teacher off.” credits: YouTube / MLP Maths Learning Point

Soon, amusing responses from social media users flooded the comments area. “Refund to Kardo (Give him the refund),” someone remarked. “1000 toh dena chahiye tha (Should have offered at least Rs 1000),” said another. Another remark said, “Sahi notes le liye hote kaash class mein (Wish the person had taken proper notes in class).”

A Class 12 student attempted to bribe the examiner earlier in 2022 by placing a Rs. 500 note inside his answer sheet. He was banned from taking the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) exams for a year, according to reports.

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