Thanks to AI, BTS V and Jungkook’s rendition of Alia-Ranveer’s song Ve Kamleya fails to impress the arm

BTS V and Jungkook Viral Video: Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a concern since almost every profession is being “replaced” by this cutting-edge technology, if millions of people are to be believed. Having said that, one can only imagine the outcry that BTS fans, who are among the most devoted K-pop boy bands, made when an AI-generated video featuring Jungkook and BTS V, or Kim Taehyung, went viral. In the mentioned video, the two could be heard performing the popular Bollywood song “Ve Kamleya.” The majority said that AI was “not good enough” to mimic their heroes’ voices. Nevertheless, few people did give the modified clips any affection.

The popular song “Ve Kamleya” is taken from the Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani Hindi film. The film, which featured the legendary pair of Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh, was released in 2023.

The account “30ta.ehyungbts” on Instagram published the footage. “Ve Kamelya AI Taehyung voice” and “Jungkook AI voice (Ve Kamelya)” were the captions for the two postings.

In the original video, BTS’s Jungkook sang the song “Let There Be Love.” The concert took place on the “BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge” programme.

Ever since they were posted online, the videos have been making the rounds. The changes elicited different reactions from the public; some supported the concept and applauded the efforts, while others were opposed to utilising AI to “replicate” the original voices of the idols. When the videos were first posted, people responded to them with great enthusiasm.

Following their viewing of the videos, followers shared their opinions in the comment area. One person said, “I bet AI will never be able to copy that deepest voice of him or another BTS member.” This voice doesn’t sound exactly like Tae’s, in my opinion.Another individual said, “AI can’t do that either because of how lovely and distinctive his voice is.

“This combined video will be too many videos of AI! Then what will be the value of the idol anymore?!” a third person said. “AI is really very bad. Like, many armies are there who are posting such a song in this member’s voice.” In the fourth person, someone remarked, “I’m always against AI edits but about this video, I can’t scroll down to next… so touching year.” A fifth person said, “I’m not into AI things but this made me cry.”

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