Put Zomaito or Zomaato out of your mind and concentrate on this man who delivers food on a Harley-Davidson

The unusual activities of Zomato delivery executives often get notice on the internet. Once again, a delivery man who was seen riding a Harley-Davidson for the deliveries has gone viral. The person driving a recently released Harley-Davidson X440—priced at over 2.4 lakhs—through the streets of Bengaluru is shown in the Instagram video. The vehicle was released in partnership with Hero India. It’s interesting to note that the delivery agent’s presence on the road with an expensive helmet and gloves made him stand out even more. Some social media users made jokes about the circumstances, while others gave the agent credit for realizing his aspirations while carrying out his delivery duties.

There was a lot of conjecture in the comments area. Someone speculated that the driver may be endorsing the meal delivery service, but other people swiftly shot that theory down. Given that Deepinder Goyal, the creator of Zomato, sometimes delivers orders in his spare time, some have even conjectured that the rider may be none other than him. Videos of delivery personnel riding pricey sports motorcycles have already gone popular; one such video had a delivery guy on a Royal Enfield Interceptor, while another showed a delivery agent on a Hayabusa for Rs 17 lakh.

One person commented on the video, saying, “Someone is tired of begging for money from home.” With respect. “From the box color and freshness, it’s just a promoter and not a regular delivery guy,” another person said.

“Deepinder Goyal self-delivering after riders went on strike,” someone mocked.

“Zomato delivery or 5000 ka helmet, 3400 ka gloves, and 3 lakh ka bike? Internet pe dikh raho hai are mori maiya je. One remark said, “(What am I seeing on the internet?”.

One more person shared, “There are many ways for us Indians to defame international brand leaders. either a Harley Davidson or a Rolls-Royce. I commuted to work every day using the X440. In India, you could be the leader, but not here.

“Respect the bike and his profession,” someone wrote. That is it; that is his motivation, his actions, and his state of health! It is none of our business. I just think it’s a lovely bike and I enjoy it. There was even another: “India is not for beginners.”

The video has received over 2 million views since it was posted on Instagram, where it became viral.